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What happened to us? Part 2

Over the next few days, Yixing avoided Luhan as best he could. He spent time with Baekhyun, Chen and Sehun when they were in the dorms, and when they were in the studio, he concentrated intensely on learning his parts on the songs they were preparing for Christmas as well as working on the piano piece he was to play. Truthfully, it was not that hard to concentrate as he was rediscovering his love for music, the reason he was here. He remembered the early days, the start of this journey and his promise to himself to make the most of the opportunity as there was no going back. Regardless of what else happened between him and Luhan, the music would always call to him; so he focused with every bit of strength he had. He practiced dance with Jongin and found freedom again in letting his body flow with the music, translating the melody into physical movements. Even though the piece that they were practicing was going to be done by the other youth alone, at Jongin’s request Yixing was allowed to learn it in case something happened to Jongin on the day of the performance. Yixing also had to prepare a solo work for their Christmas special and he loved exchanging ideas with Jongin and watching the other work the kinks out of a routine with his special gift of movement. Time passed like this, slowly, slowly, until one day he realized that he was no longer feeling bitter. He still loved Luhan but he was learning to let him go.

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What happened to us? Part 1

Yixing was in a bad mood again. Today all 12 boys had gone as a group for another radio interview and he had to sit through yet another episode of Lu-ge playing footsie with Xiumin. Why, oh, why does it always happen this way? Yixing has nothing against Xiumin but ever since they started performing as 12, it’s like Luhan’s attention has been taken away from him. He hardly gets to spend time with him anymore. Those two are always in the corner giggling away, thick as thieves. It used to be that when they were going out, Lu-ge would always watch out for him, for instance, in the airport he would wait for him to catch up, grab his arm and keep him close…at the end of a tv show he would stick around and pull Yixing off the stage when he got carried away greeting the fans… now, he does none of that. Instead, he waits for Xiumin…cuddles Xiumin, plays soccer with Xiumin, and goes for bubble tea with Xiumin. Xiumin, Xiumin, Xiumin! Yixing was sick of it to the point that he could barely spare a kind word for the poor hyung of the group confusing the heck out of him (and you can tell since his cute baozi face is so expressive).

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So I finally get used to the heat of this country and now, am to get used to one less staff member.. sigh.....


Who knew chocolate could taste so good??!!! I am on a diet and I decided to give in this week to my craving for chocolate. Oh. my. gosh! It was so good. Could be that I was just chocolate deprived so anything would have tasted good. Or it could be that hersheys is a really good brand. Who cares?!
I <3 chocolate!!!!


I was thinking that perhaps I can make this my default 'blog' since my real one is not used so much. 

arghhhh! taking a break from work sucks because you have to find something to do with yourself. Studying french 24/7 is not going to cut it anymore...